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London Drug Defense Lawyer

When Charged With A Drug Crime, Call Us First

The mistake often made when charged with drug trafficking or manufacture is to provide information to arresting officers or prosecutors before speaking to an attorney. If you call our London drug defense attorney at Joyner Law Firm, PLLC, we can immediately advise you about your legal rights and options.

As in any other criminal case, the burden is upon the prosecutors to prove that a drug crime was committed. We can make certain that no conviction takes place until the prosecuting attorney proves beyond a reasonable doubt what was alleged.

Lawyer Lucas Joyner has represented individuals facing drug charges in Kentucky and federal court since 2006. He has aggressively defended individuals accused of possessing, manufacturing and trafficking methamphetamine, oxycodone, hydrocodone, pseudoephedrine, marijuana and heroin. Lucas will treat you respectfully and in a caring and nonjudgmental manner while fighting for the best possible outcome.

Federal Drug Conspiracy Charges

Everyone charged in a claimed drug conspiracy faces jail time if just one of the many different counts results in a conviction. Federal attorneys are known for aggressively prosecuting conspiracy charges and looking for someone to put behind bars. When allegations are made that drugs were transported across state lines, you could be facing federal penalties. These federal prosecutors may also have at their disposal local and federal law enforcement agencies, the FBI, DEA, ATF, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Homeland Security and even the IRS.

When accused of participating in a drug ring conspiracy, other individuals charged may have been promised deals to reduce their sentence by testifying against you. The evidence may appear so overwhelming that you in turn are tempted to plead guilty to avoid stiffer penalties. Please contact us before making any plea deals. What federal prosecutors offer for such deals may not be the best possible option for you.

Lucas Joyner has represented individuals charged in federal conspiracy cases since 2006 and he has the experience and skills to challenge the case that authorities have brought against you. He can call into question whether arrests were performed properly, analyze whether entrapment played a role in your arrest, and make determinations as to whether you were arrested based upon unreliable evidence or testimony.

To consult with us regarding your personal situation, contact us at 606-657-0724.